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Sultan – The Almighty!

A Journey to Hell !!!

What makes a Muslim boy running away from religion? Despite being born in a family of freedom fighters, I have always been a peace lover. I believed anything can be achieved through love and peaceful protest. As an avid reader as a kid I found it, quite frankly very shocking and upsetting that most of…

Belief and disbelief of the righteous!

The biggest question I have to face is – “Don’t you believe in God?” In fact, you know, the word faith is relative to me. Then if it is creation then there is no question. But at this time, living in this society, standing under the haystack of the Religious goons, who has so many…

Islam and Discrimination.

Preface: Being born in a traditional Muslim Bangladeshi family and growing up in Muslim dominating society I have seen inner and outer part of Muslim society in Bangladesh. Going to Madrasha (An Islamic institution run by Imams to teach Quran and Islamic lifestyle) to learn Quran was an automatic choice. I learned how to read…

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