A Journey to Hell !!!

What makes a Muslim boy running away from religion?

Despite being born in a family of freedom fighters, I have always been a peace lover. I believed anything can be achieved through love and peaceful protest.

As an avid reader as a kid I found it, quite frankly very shocking and upsetting that most of the religious scriptures refer to wars more than peace. How so called God has punished non-believers by flooding, fire and by even using birds. Any religious books such as Bible, Quran, and Ramayana, war are part of Gods plan. This hunger for violence continues even now by modern terrorism. Take ISIS, Saffron Movement, Ku Klux Klan as example.

I also found religion has almost always fallen short to be on the right side of History. We are aware of Church’s domination on every aspect of life during Middle Age, Life as a religious Muslim, Hindu or Jews it isn’t any different even now.  Slavery, Racism, The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Middle East (A country is being taken over by using some sentences from a book!) are sub product of religious ideas and are still being defended by the name of religion.

The idea of religion is completely opposite than the idea of peace. As we know the world today would have been far more tolerant and less divided if religions were kept away in private lives or didn’t even exists.

I couldn’t agree more with evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson, “for the sake of human progress, the best thing we could possibly do is be to diminish, to the point of eliminating, religious faiths.”

As I grew up studied, learned history and kept eyes on the world events, my mind started asking so many questions about God, Religion. Every time I wanted an answer I was being shut down, threatened with the fear of Gods prosecution, were told not to think but blindly follow a book which I found contradictory or at some point just fictional.

That brings my doubt on Gods Existence.

I always simply asked this to my religious friend, “How could God possibly allow the horror show that is being run in the World? Kids are being brutally murdered; Young girls are being raped, Modern day slavery, the dreadfulness of war, don’t you think victims of the vindictiveness are asking God for help? What does he do then? Wait and watches?”

It has been over 20 years since I first asked this question, I am yet to receive an answer apart from various verses from religious books, which is almost always self-contradictory or makes no sense.

It has been 200,000 years since modern human have been around. Different religious books tell us about the events, war that has happened in the world. But it seems those significant event has left no archaeological proof (which is impossible) or scientifically unattainable. Does it mean the so called God is lying! Or don’t exist?! Is religion and God is actually a mythology? Why all religious population fell threatened when one raises question about the God or anything the challenges there ideas of God?

There is no anthropological evidence of the famous flood, a journey to the Sky on the back a fictional animal! , The moon was divided by using a finger! How to you prove or claim such things happened without any scientific or archaeological evidence? In terms of archaeological evidence current world goes back to as far as Theopetra Cave which was built 21000 BCE. But to proof such thing happened, God (!) said has happened in various Abrahamic religious books in near zero.  Any Historian during the time of Jesus failed to mention anything about such Prophet! All three books describe the similar events. So much of inconsistency when it comes to revelation of Abrahamic God. Hindu sculpture is also follows the same trajectory of discrimination, dehumanising of woman, cast system, war and violence.

The description of hell, the punishment for not praising, not praying to the God sound very psychotic, needy, cruel and certainly human like. It gives away the fact that the idea of GOD is human created in order to control the mass!

The more I studied I was intrigue by the lack of evidence both scientific and rational in support of Gods existence. Not to mention inconsistency on the scriptures. Bangladeshi culture is driven by religious sensitivity. The worst problem of living in a society as such is anything said which isn’t ideal with the religious views is deemed wrong and punishable, it doesn’t matter how coherent the question is. Instead of being answered one becomes subject of violence

This thinking of fake God in me became deeply rooted. Driven by my curiosity I didn’t stop asking question. As an introvert I had to come out my shell and chase my inquisitiveness on the subject of God’s non-existences. The more I read, followed the experts from both sides of the subject I found it fascinating that my core question remained unanswered from the religious point of view. I was always referred to some vogue sentences from the religious sculptures which made no or very little sense to me. Instead of my question being answered I myself became a subject of interest!

Religious sensitivity has a deep toxic route in our societies in very many ways. God and religion took a place in “No question asked” shelf of the social order. One is hated by all religious groups if they are to ask question about the God and his/her silence on all the wrongdoings.

Those irrational feelings of hostility towards me from the society, extreme religious warriors didn’t help me either to find my answers. Suddenly my curiosity made me isolated from all aspect of the society. It didn’t matter which religion one followed I was hated anyway. My writings certainly triggered unwanted attention from the religious fanatic.

Published by Sultan Tipu

An independent writer.

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