Belief and disbelief of the righteous!

The biggest question I have to face is – “Don’t you believe in God?”

In fact, you know, the word faith is relative to me. Then if it is creation then there is no question. But at this time, living in this society, standing under the haystack of the Religious goons, who has so many heads on their necks?

I am not going to all that today. Let’s make it a little clearer when it comes to my beliefs and disbeliefs. You know what; my beliefs also depend on logic. This means that it does not last as long as it lasts. However, if you want to argue with your traditional religious superstition, you have to accept the full description of the power of God given in your religious book.

Suppose, for example, that “the leaf of a tree does not move without his will.” this kind of thing. With all this, it has been made clear that everything that has happened, is happening and will happen in this world is in God’s will. Well, come on, I accept that everything is done according to God’s wishes – but the rape of a 3-year-old child, the burning of people, the murder-looting-rape in the name of religion are all happening according to his wishes?

The thief is stealing at his will; People are corrupted in his will; Rape-murder is at his will; Violent beasts are killing innocent animals at His will; Weapons are being made to kill people in arms factories at his will; In his will all the irregularities and tortures are happening  since the beginning.  So the fact that I don’t believe in him is definitely in his will; Not only me, but all the gods of this world, the unbelievers who are disbelieving in Him – all this is happening according to His will.

Let’s tell you a story, the story is – old, so the whole thing is not so clear anymore. A gentleman planted a flower garden right in front of the house, with many colorful flowers. One day when the garden gate was opened, a cow entered and started eating the trees. The gentleman came and saw all this. He hit the cow with a stick – diameter, the cow died. This time the gentleman was scared. Alas, the cow died, this time it will be my great sin. Suddenly it came to his head; Hey, I have read in the scriptures that the eyes see the power of the sun, the ears hear the power of the wind, the hands work in the power of Indra, and so on and so forth. Then he remembered the gentleman’s words and thought, “I don’t do anything, God does everything; then I have no more faults. Besides, it is Devraj Indra who has done all this. ” As soon as he thinks these things, his sins are deposited in the book of Indra instead of his sins. Indra was immediately given the message. Anyway, Devraj is talking. Indra fell into great anxiety – this guy is a big mule! I was trapped in the last century. Indra is not the one to leave either, he came down from the temple to the mortal to solve it. He took the form of a Brahmin and started walking in front of the gentleman’s house. After a while, he hurried inside and came to the side of the garden and said, “Wow, what a beautiful flower-decorated pallab, who did this garden?” The gentleman was beside him, he said with so much admiration that I did it.

This time Indra came a little further and saw the dead cow. This time he said, “Hey, who killed this cow?” The gentleman stopped and ate Vyabachaka and said, “I am not in command, Devraj has killed Indra!” Indra came back in his own form and said to the gentleman with a rebuke, “Hey son, all the good deeds are yours and the bad ones are mine. The gentleman’s condition is bad, Archie escapes to scratch! In conclusion – if you believe that everything is happening at the will of the cat; But all but nothing. The better – the worse. Since He exists in all things, He is formless, He is also in form. He is also in the seed, he is also in the excrement.

When giving food and offerings, you should not only eat latex and yogurt, but it’s not how it works, chicken fry and mutton is in demand too. He who is in honey is also in wine. He is also the one who sends sacrifices to cows and pigs. If the illness is to be cured, then the death of the child in the mother’s womb, the death of the child in the father’s lap, the rape of the daughter in front of the mother is also happening at his will.

Do you obey in mind-soul-thought and action, God and its omnipresence? If you have to obey, then obey the whole – he is good and he is bad; who? I don’t believe in this being – expressionless, feeling less, shapeless, tasteless, odourless, senseless, and violent. This being has never been a creation to me.

To please the Creator, one must not eat for days, never for months. He who is satisfied with the blood of an innocent creature is no longer the Creator. How he wishes you well! And how do you believe all these ridiculous things?

Truth be told- faith never wanted to accept logic; Didn’t teach to think and ask any more questions. As if accepting everything like a blind man and telling him to follow the darkness.

Published by Sultan Tipu

An independent writer.

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