This is OUR sin

In Burimari, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh, a man named Shahidunnabi Jewel, a mentally ill person, was beaten to death by several thousand people. His body was thrown into the fire and burnt. What is the crime of Jewel?

Or has he insulted religion? Jewel, a teacher at Rangpur Cant Public School, was mentally exhausted. The so-called healthy religious people of the society have saved the value of religion in Bangladesh by showing the ultimate signs of brutality to this mentally exhausted teacher! Can you imagine what a barbaric country we are living in?

If a mentally ill person – whom we mistakenly call insane – is in danger of being insulted by the religion of 1.6 billion people and the owner of that religion aka the Creator, is he in need of a weak religion and an almighty Creator?

Those who pray for the power of the unseen Almighty every moment of every day, please think a little. And if you can, apologize to the family of this mentally unbalanced man named Jewel. Because, “This is our sin.

Tithi Sarkar, a student of Jagannath University in Dhaka, could not be found. Tithi was accused of insulting religion on Facebook. There have been procession-meetings-human chains against her in the university. I don’t know whether to save her life the girl has disappeared or she has been killed and told as disappearance.

I never understood, I still don’t understand; Is God, whom people call God or Jesus or Buddha, so sensitive to him or his existence? Can’t punish for? And those of who have infinite faith in the Creator, can’t even see,  wait with a little patience to see the judgements of their own God ?

What will Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, the composer of our Ekushey February song, say now? A French school teacher did a heinous injustice by showing cartoons. And the 16-year-old Chechen Nadan boy has “blown his throat” for not being able to stop the rage of insulting religion. The French police have done wrong by not keeping the boy alive!

Mr. Gaffar, I accepted all your arguments after reading your column that day. You were saddened to see death in France teacher but why not be saddened by extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh? You have written numerous columns in favor of the death penalty in Bangladesh.

Nadan, another devout Tunisian, killed three people at a church in France last week. An 80-year-old woman was slaughtered.  What was the fault of that old woman, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, can you answer?

In the name of religion, in the name of nationalism, there is no need to directly or indirectly support all these barbarisms. Violence-hate-atrocity is not justified anywhere on any pretext. If you supported communalism in many places, including the Chinese Uyghurs or religious racism India-Bosnia, it means you also supported Hitler’s Nazism.

The situation now is that if religious extremism arises in all parts of Europe-America, including France, then where will you and I go and hide, Brother Gaffar? You are not a religious person, but for believing in your same nationalism, I don’t believe in religion or deeds, even if  it means I have to “put my neck to be slaughtered”, brother Gaffar!

Actually , many of us are tired-exhausted-depressed now. I do not know, where is the end of this barbarism? Or just the beginning? Bangladesh has not changed. Gradually, Bangladesh has seen the indulgence of religious fundamentalism and communalism under the patronage of the government and the state. There is so much division in the society with race-religion-caste-community. I have written numerous articles about this. There has been few book about those writings. A decade from today. Many like minded people are dead or slaughtered by Islamist, but for those for whom the writing did not change at all.

How proud I am to say that the influence of the writings of any other writer in the world has had such an impact on the life of an ethnic group as it did on the lives of Rabindranath and the Bengalis. Rabindranath Tagore is the progenitor of Bengali life. Is that really so? These are biblical words.

Bangladesh of Bengalis today is intoxicated with the madness of religion. Where is Kazi Nazrul’s communism, where is Lalon Sanji’s ease? In fact, what happens with literature-poetry-song? I want a change of politics to change the society. Our politics today is fascinated by religion.

The situation in Bangladesh today is like burring forest. Burning in the fire of religious extremism and racism.

Published by Sultan Tipu

An independent writer.

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