Tribute to Samuel Patty

#JeSuisSamuel #JeSuisCharlie

Samuel Patty. A civics teacher in France. Classes were held on freedom of speech. He also believed in freedom of expression. So before talking about the cartoons on Muslim fundamentalism drawn by Charlie Hebdo and the infernal massacre of 2015, he asked Muslim students to leave the class. Because he knew watching cartoons could be a problem for them. Unable to bear the teacher’s arrogance, he was strangled and killed.

Those who were in the class that day and their parents said that Samuel did not speak in the name of Islam or Muhammad that day. He spoke only in favour of freedom of speech and against religious violence. The main panda in the murder was a 16-year-old Chechen youth. It is also known that there was a minor in that group. What is this killing intoxication? Why are young people leaving school and college and getting involved in religious violence?

The twenty-first century. Where space science has come so far, a new generation of fresh blood merchants has been subjected to hellish carnage. The whole world is enjoying the fruits of Muslim fundamentalism.

Muslims using fear, panic to prove one’s superiority. The weapons are being handed over to the children. The school is being demolished. Teachers are being killed. Freedom of expression is far away, killing is only possible by speaking with one’s head held high. Education is being enslaved by strangling religion. The law, the courts, the judiciary are all regulated by the religious organizations there.

And ordinary people? They can’t sleep without the sound of bombs. Where to flee? The roar of fundamentalism is everywhere. There is no limit to proving yourself the greatest. So the war has started in the country between the religious organizations or the leaders themselves. Sometimes ordinary people are breathing. We are going back to the Middle Ages. Where your breathing will be controlled by religious leaders or cleric militants. They will survive, you can’t.

There is no language of condemnation for those who have turned the world into a slaughterhouse for the sake of religion. But even those who are mentally supporting Samuel’s murder will not be able to escape the flames. Fundamentalism spreads like wildfire. And don’t see how loyal you were to religion. Attacks or explosions do not choose people or religion. So protest against any kind of religious fundamentalism.

Otherwise new generations will not be able to breathe in this grey world one day.

Here is the translated version of the cartoon:

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