Science and Deshi Flim Maker.

Science is the name given to the systematic study of all things that can be observed, tested and verified in the physical world. In a word, special knowledge is science. The first task of science is to observe, the second task is to collect data, and finally to explain and solve problems on the basis of that data.

Science always criticizes its own discovered theories, trying to prove them wrong. The person who gave the theory will try to prove the theory wrong so that there is no mistake. If the theory is correct, that data will be in the prediction theory. Scientists will test whether the data is available at all. If it is found, the reliability of the theory will increase. And if someone tests and gets the opposite result, then that theory will be proved wrong.

Religion is just the opposite. Religion does not borrow any evidence. Religion depends entirely on faith, which has no basis. The pious will only try to glorify and appreciate the religion. If you want to prove something wrong about religion, the pious can’t stand it, it hurts their feelings, and their faith becomes shaky. If a person wants to become an apostate by proving the religion to be false, then the pious attack him in various ways, and jump into jihad.

So there is a huge difference between science and religion in terms of type and methodology. That is why with the advent of modern science, religion will gradually become extinct, and science will continue to improve

2500 years ago today when wise men like Enaku Sigmund and Pythagoras first said that the earth is just a planet of the sun, and this earth revolves around the centre of the sun. Because of telling this extreme truth, they had to endure various tortures at that time. Because their theory was the opposite of religion.

About 2,000 years later, Giordano Bruno was burned to death by the righteous for the same reason. At the same time, Galileo Galilei and Nicolas Copernicus, who published this doctrine in the form of a book, said that the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun, according to God’s word. They were sent to prison for denying the word of God.

In his old age, the astronomer Galileo Galilei was kept under house arrest until his death. But today that word of God has been proved wrong. Today, everyone knows that our planet Earth revolves around the sun, not the sun.

Thousands of years of history have been spent trying to erase all the bloody histories of this clash of science with religion. It is not only foolish to compare all the doctrines written in books thousands of years ago with modern science today, but also to express the limitations of one’s own knowledge.

Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi, a famous Bangladeshi film director, recently went viral on his own Facebook timeline–

“If you survive time like this

Survived the fear of death

Know that science fought alone

Neither temple nor the mosque “…. wrote criticizing this rhyme

Neither temple nor the mosque “…. wrote criticizing this rhyme”…. I see in the preaching of some Hujur and  I wonder when did the Football game started between Religion and Science, that As if religion will eradicate disease and science will teach spirituality-morality!

From what I saw and heard, from the day I started trying to make religion into science and the attempt to make religion into science, the world was in turmoil! I was thinking that this unnecessary fight will be stopped by the corona, people will be humble!!! What’s in it for us!!! “

Mr. Farooqi does not know the difference between religion and science! He can’t even think when and how the clash of religion with science started! If he had read the scriptures, he would have read science; Then he could understand the difference between the two.

If he had read the scriptures, he would have understood that the lords were not playing the game of Football by drawing science, but that religion and the founder of religion himself had already tied the game, what the religion was teaching, the lords were saying. If he had read science, he would have understood that there is no place in science for the bizarre miracle of the fairy tale.

According to the religion, the earth is equal, the earth is stable, the creation of the universe is in 7/8 days, Meraj’s Kechcha, man-made with soil, germs on one wing of the fly and antidote on the other wing, cause of meteor / storm, origin of sperm / semen, splitting of moon There are thousands of things that are directly related to science, including determining the sex of the fetus, the seven heavens, the seven earths, the sunrise-sunset, the contagious disease, the jinn-fairy-ghost, the demon-devil, the earth-watering, the amulet-charm, etc.

Where religion directly denies established scientific theory and fact like evolution, he cannot capture the conflict between the two!!! Just hilarious.

I didn’t say anything about the world of his movies!!

He is such a famous director-art, literature-culture-minded person of the country, but he thinks that religion is necessary for teaching morality!!! When one atheist blogger after another was being killed in the country, he posted on his own timeline, “… atheists should cultivate potato without the practice of childish knowledge!!!”

What kind of movie do you expect from such a potato scientist brand director?

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